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Welcome to Sheritys Page!

My name is Sherity, as you probably have guessed. I am 28 years young and have two beautiful daughters. Alexandra is 8 and Zoie is a very busy 2. Both girls are Pisces, 6 years 10 days apart. They both have wonderful qualities and have very different personalities.  They are both my reason for everything in life.

My husband, Marshall is 30 and he works on tugboats. He is very tall and I am very short, so needless to say we make an interesting couple. We met by fate and have been together for 12 years and married for 9.

I live in Ketchikan, Alaska but am originally from California. I moved here in January of 1994 after my husband (then fiancÚ) moved up here to start a life for us.

This is now my second website that I have done. This first one I did to prove to myself I could do it. I did this one to prove to myself I can do it better.

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A little about Ketchikan, Alaska...
Alaska's First City

Ketchikan is rumored to have got its name from the Tlingit word Kitcxan, which means, where the eagle wings are.

Ketchikan is referred to as Alaska's first city because it is the first port of call in Alaska. It rains a lot here and when I say a lot I mean it (We got almost 180 inches last year). I do not live in an igloo and I drive a car, just like everyone else in the world. However if you bug me enough I might tell you about my 3-bedroom igloo with a 2 dog sled garage. That was sarcastic, obviously!

Ketchikan is also known as the Salmon capital of the world. We have five species of salmon here and a couple different species of trout.

Ketchikan has a rough population a little over 12,000 people. This makes it the fourth largest city in Alaska. It is built along a step hillside between this hillside and the water. A large portion of the town is actually built directly over the water on pilings.


Ketchikan is located on the western coast of the island of Revillagigedo. Ketchikan is approximately 680 miles north of Seattle and 235 miles south from Juneau.

Ketchikan was originally established as a fishing camp.  It was incorporated in 1900 with a population of 800 people.

Things to do or see while in Ketchikan are the Ketchikan Walking Tour, Creek Street, Ketchikans Museum & Library, Ketchikan Creek and Falls, Totem Poles, Ketchikan Totem Heritage Center, Deer Mountain Hatchery, The Eagle Center, Liquid Sunshine Gauge, Ward Lake, and the many hiking trails: such as Ward Lake Trail & Perseverance Trail.


There are also many cool tours that all wait on the docks by where the cruise ships dock.

One awesome tour is the duck boat.  I am not saying that just because I work on it.  That is why I work on it!  Honestly it is truly is a lot of fun.  It is the only tour in Ketchikan where you are encouraged to act young at heart.  It is an education tour but also has a lot of humor with it too.  Learning in a fun way is where it's at!



This is a very serious issue. If you are currently in a realtionship where your parter hurts you, THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!! It is illegal! There is help and it is free. Most people think he only pushes me when I do something wrong or it isn't that bad, or I deserved it. You are wrong there are 3 types of domestic abuse; physical, emotional or mental, and sexual. No one ever deserves to be beat on or belittled. If you are currently in a situation that is unsafe please contact your local shelter. I have included information and links to resources for victims of domestic violence.

Please click on the link at the top of this page entitled "In Loving Memory of Amanda."

Thank You!

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