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Kreations Imagined by Sarah and Sherity

I have recieved a few emails about my religion.  I am a witch, I am not evil.  I do not worship the devil.  I do not even believe such a thing exists.  I worship everything within nature....including life and death.  Please do not chastice me because of my beliefs. 
I believe in a god and godess of equal divintiy. 
 You are not going to convert me so please quit trying and I would never try to convert you so that is not fair or just.

These are pics of me and mine and all that good stuff.

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Marshall (My husband)

This is my love. His name is Marshall. He works for Boyer Towing on tugboats. He is a Senior Mate for them. He plays the bass guitar and enjoys working on old pieces of crap vehicles. I'm being honest, he says they are 'classics'. I say they are junk. Regardless I love him even with his fasination for junk. We have been together since I was 16 and he was 18. Here we are almost 12 years later and our love grows stronger everyday!

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This is my Zoie-Bear. She is a very busy 2 yr. old. She was born to us on March 20, 2001. We were finally blessed with her after three years of trying. She is a big time 'mommy's girl' and cries whenever I leave the room. However, I will say she is a very happy child... as long as she gets her way. She is extremely busy and keeps me on my toes. Her likes are anything she is not suppose to have, especially her sisters belongings.

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I have 2 names.  One is Sherity, the other is Emerald Snow.  Ahh, how I hate this pic of me. I wouldn't be complaining though if I was about 20 pounds lighter. Oh-well. I enjoy cooking, doing crafts from home in my spare time of being a mom of a 8 year old, a 2 yr. old, trying to stay active within Alexandra's school, working as the Education Program Coordinator for a shelter for domestic violence/sexual assault victims, and working on the duck boat in the summer.  Did I mention I don't have a lot of free time?


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This is my Ali-Cat, she is 8 years old. She was born to us on March 10, 1995. She is beautiful, smart, and extremely assertive. She likes cats, crystals, and whatever the popular kids trend of the week is (i.e. pokemon, harry potter, furbies, etc.)