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In Loving Memory of Amanda
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If you have lost someone due to domestic violence and would like your poem published here in their memory you can email it to me at


I dream sometimes
that I am nowhere.
I don't even know if I'm coming
or if I'm going.
I'm trying to go,
I cannot.
I don't know what to do,
I'm afraid I'll be hurt.
I feel like a bird,
I once saw trapped
stuck inside a building
as if inside a cage.
Trying so frantically to break free.
I try to flee,
I cannot.

I'm afraid.
All the bird wants to do
is what it's meant to do--
spread its wings and fly away.
I want to spread my wings and be free.
I did not chose this way,
and now my nightmare took me away.

Could you hear me plees?

But now I have spread my wings,
I'm finally free.
I am no longer his prey.

Sherity Kelly

Lonely Woman

A lonely woman
Looks for a hand to hold
A pair of broad shoulders
Protection from the cold.

She reaches for the man
Who made her heart beat fast
A man of strength
A crush from the past.

A lonely woman
Says they're just friends
Because he wants nothing more
But still she depends.

He admits great sacrifice
He always keeps her in sight
She must be there to answer
But where was he last night?

A lonely woman
Fills his demands
Devotes her time
Takes his reprimands.

He protects and he cares
She believes him when he criticizes
She's forgotten her friends
See, his jealousy ostracizes.

A lonely woman
Sees his anger grow farther
She sees how each time
His grip's a bit harder.

His violent rage
Has hurt many other
His hands could kill
But he'd never hurt her.

A lonely woman
Walks a dangerous path
Living each moment
In fear of his wrath.

Look at the woman
Insecure and unsure
She needs him so badly
But who's lonelier than her?

A lonely woman
Wants something to hold
So she grasps boiling water
And hopes it grows cold.

-- Lorena Davis


Amanda was taken from this world by a selfish person, he took her away from those she loved and took her away from those who loved her. Everyday in our country someone is brutally murdered at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. This violence must be stopped! Once is too much!