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Sherity & Marshall's Love Story

If you have a unique love story, you can email me at I would like to start posting other peoples love stories.

Marshall and I met in 1992; I was engaged to a guy named Ken. Marshall had a girlfriend he didn't like, he felt sorry for her, at least that's what he tells me.

I was going to ride a train home, back to California I was in Washington on summer break. Anyway one week before I was to leave I couldn't find my train ticket, so I called the train station and they told me that since I didn't have any I.D. I would have to buy a new ticket. I was a little upset with this; a new ticket would cost $129 for a one-way ticket. Well, I decided to call the Greyhound station. They had tickets for $25, so I decided I would just ride a bus.

Marshall in the mean time had a different problem, he was standing in line (in Portland, Oregon) waiting to go home so he could go drink some beer and play some guitar, the bus driver boards the guy in front of him then stops and looks at him and says, "Well, sorry I guess you need to come back and get on the midnight bus, this one is full".

Anyway as you would guess, I was on the midnight bus. I got of the bus in Portland and headed straight for the restroom. I was not going to go to the bathroom on a porta-potty that moves!!! (That could cause several different disasters, such as the bus driver going over a bump when I'm on the pot and it splashing... YUCKY NO NO NO!) On the way I accidentally bumped into this guy and rammed his guitar into the oriental lady that was standing behind him, I turned around and said sorry then hurried on my way. After I had relieved myself I decided to go and call my best friend from the bus station to kill time, well as I was to walk by this guy with the guitar again, he stepped out right in front of me, I bumped into him again. I did not feel bad this time, I thought that he looked like some kind of band know into the sex, drugs, and all the women he can get into his hands. (But I will add I did feel sorry for the oriental lady because the guitar bumped into her again.) I turned and went on my way, (I am ashamed to say now, yes I was kind of a snob).

The time finally came to get on the bus, so I board, cutting in front of this guy who now keeps starring at me. I was thinking ...oh joy this creep thinks he can actually try it.........I got my seat on the bus and he decided to sit kitty-corner from me. I decided that the guy was kind of cute, but I would never be with someone like him (Cuz all them band guys only wanted one thing and I wasn't about to get my heart broke.)

He started talking to me and before I knew it, we had told each other our life stories. I had felt like I had known this guy all my life. He sat down by me, after the 350-pound lady next to me moved, good thing I was only 120 pounds and I had killed the batteries in his Walkman. I fell asleep and the next thing I know he had woke me up to see the sunset, I still remember that sunset to this day. It was amazing.

The bus stopped at this little restaurant on the way called "Heaven on Earth". In the rest room some lady asked me how long we had been married. I asked her to repeat the question. She asked me again, I got very defensive, I was going to marry Ken. I mean I loved him...didn't I? But if I loved him why was I thinking of this guy that doesn't even have a job.

The bus left once again and Redding was the next stop, that meant that I would never see this guy again, and even though I didn't want to admit it, I wanted him to be Ken and for Ken to be him, that way I would be with the right guy, well if he didn't break my heart. I got off the bus we exchanged addresses, but I didn't think he would actually write.

He did and he signed it your bus husband, (I told him some lady in the bathroom asked how long we had been married).

Well now here we are almost 10 years later, we are married now and have one two beautiful daughter, Alexandra & Zoie.

Isn't it strange how life works? I must say though, I learned a lot that night. I no longer judge people on how they look.... funny thing is he said the minute he saw me he knew I was going to be the women he was going to marry...and he didn't believe in marriage.

Just to let everyone know, that was one August 3, 1992.